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All GISD students access to FREE internet

FREE INTERNET SERVICE: Exciting news, Gadsden ISD parents! We're delighted to inform you about the completion of our broadband project, which brings FREE INTERNET service to all students in the district. This initiative includes the installation of high-speed internet infrastructure and provision of internet-enabled devices for students in need. Now, every student can access valuable online resources and opportunities. To sign up, please call Chaparral Wireless at (575) 824-4255 or visit https://chaparralwireless.com/

SY 24-25 AVECHS Calendar including DACC dates

Click More Info for our 2024-2025 AVECHS school calendar with DACC dates.

AVECHS honored as NM SPOTLIGHT school 2022 & SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE 2023!!!

On Friday, June 16, 2023, New Mexico Public Education Department released the designations (rankings) of schools. AVECHS is proud to share the incredible news that we have been designated as a GISD SPOTLIGHT SCHOOL (highest ranking) by the New Mexico Public Education Department. This is an honor bestowed upon our teachers and students for all of their hard work and academic commitment. 2024 - NM VISTAS designation SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE

Counselor Newsletter

Want to know more about Alta Vista ECHS, GISD's only Early College High School?

Please visit our 'About Us' tab to view our Contact Information, Vision & Motto, Class Clubs/Organizations, Calendar of Events, 24-25 school calendar plus much more.

2024-2025 School Year information

  • The dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, prevent disruption, and minimize safety hazards. Students and parents may determine a student’s personal dress and grooming standards provided that they comply with the district’s dress code. 

    Clothing not allowed:

    • Unbuttoned shirts 

    • Clothing sizes will match the bodies on which they are worn. 

    • Gang affiliation or are defamatory of any individual or group.

    • Clothing or articles with wording, pictures, or acronyms that promote alcohol, the occult, tobacco, drugs, profanity, sexually suggestive,

    • Hairnets 

    • Skirts/shorts less than mid-thigh length or "hot pants" 

    • Undershirts worn as outer garments, tank tops or muscles shirts (width of a strap should be 3” or more) 

    • No bare, sagging or exposed midriffs 

    • No torn jeans/pants

    • No hoodies covering students head/face


    Campus administration has the authority to determine appropriate dress and make changes as needed. Dress and grooming have a definite bearing on attitude and behavior. Learning how to dress within the bounds of propriety, decency, and social acceptability is a part of each student's education.

    Any student wearing inappropriate clothing as to the standards of dress as determined by administration will receive one of the following consequences:

    • Wear appropriate clothing provided by the office, if available.The inappropriate clothing will only be returned when a parent/guardian comes to the school and returns the replacement clothing. 

    • Have appropriate clothing brought to school.

  • GISD has provided the following school items for our students 1st day back, Wednesday, July 31, 2024.

    • (1)" 3 ring binder
    • (2) 3 prong pocket folder
    • (1) ring binder indexes
    • (2) wide ruled paper
    • (1) 1 subject wire bound notebook
    • (1) Mead wide ruled composition notebook
    • pen highlighters
    • 12 pencils
    • 24 colored pens
  • Parents and students,

    Please join us for an OPEN HOUSE at AVECHS this coming Monday, July 29, 2024 from 5-7 PM.

    • Meet our Amazing teachers & new Principal, Aida Gentzler
    • Pick up student schedules
    • Sign up for Parent Portal
  • Students driving to school, MUST submit the following items to Ms. Beegle in P2 in order to obtain an AVECHS Parking Permit and be allowed to park on campus.

    1. complete the Student Parking Permit Information Sheet, 
    2. underclassman payment of $10 per semester OR $20 for the full year; seniors payment $10 per year,
    3. have a current valid driver's license; 
    4. provide current proof of insurance coverage which covers both the vehicle and student driver;
    5. provide current proof of vehicle registration
    6. If transporting another student
    1. Provide written signed/dated documentation from both parents (driver and passenger) that the passenger is allowed to ride with the driver to school, from school OR both to and from school.
    2. Class of 2026 – submit the COHORT 2026 dismissal AVECHS agreement form 


    A Provisional License

    A provisional license is a license that allows you to drive without the supervision of another driver, except during the hours of midnight and 5:00 am. Unless there is a licensed driver that is 21 years or older in the vehicle, you may not have more than one other passenger under the age of 21 (who is not a member of your immediate family) in the vehicle. 

  • school calendar

Student return to AVECHS

We're excited for this upcoming School Year and having students back on campus! Counting down the days!
  Student return to AVECHS

We're excited for this upcoming School Year and having students back on campus! Counting down the days!

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artificial intelligence summer camp

artificial intelligence camp



2022 Spotlight School

2023 School of Excellence

For more information, please click on NM VISTAS.

School of Excellence